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About Holistic Herbal Health

Dr. Debrah Zepf – Alternative Medicine | Holistic Medicine

Dr. Zepf pursued a career in alternative, integrative and complementary medicine because of her belief that the human body can heal itself when the proper environment is created and supported. As a Christian and an intuitive, she connects with God and the Angels for guidance to assist others with their healing journeys.

Using herbs, homeopathic remedies, energetic medicine, botanicals, biofeedback, cranial sacral treatments, aromatic medicine therapy, micro-current therapy, foot-bath detox and far infrared sauna, Dr. Zepf’s clients leave her clinic feeling healthier, more energetic, and on the path to restoring the body back to its right and natural balance. They feel enlightened, grounded and have a sense of well-being.

Dr. Zepf explains, “The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual journeys for people are all different. If I can help one person vibrate at a higher frequency through vitality; every person’s path they cross will also be affected in a positive way because that person will have a better sense of health, love and gratitude and that state is contagious!” Zepf also shares, “We are all a collective. This vital and synergistic connection is Quantum energy. It’s the epigenetic of the evolutions in which the world is turning towards. Just like the caterpillar not fully knowing his journey, he comes to find out he is changing, metamorphosing into something beautiful. I feel that my calling is to do just that, with people…to have that special connection to our spiritual, mental and emotional Being.”

Dr. Zepf holds a Doctorate in Natural Medicine and a PhD in Natural Medicine. Her dissertation research proved that Energetic medicine lowers cholesterol. She is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. She is a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, a Certified Clinical Aroma Therapist, Board Certified Master Herbalist, a Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, a Certified Massage Therapist and a Medicine Woman with the Nemenhah Band. She is also a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association. Her private practice, Holistic Herbal Health, located in Centennial, Colorado, assists with a wide variety of conditions including pain, insomnia, hormonal imbalances, digestive problems, environmental sensitivities, detoxification, high cholesterol and more.

An informative and sought after speaker and educator, Dr. Zepf delights and educates her audiences with vital, alternative, and integrative medicine therapies and information. She is also a Professor at IQUIM-International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine, where she teaches classes at the PhD level on several alternative medicine topics.

Born and raised in Northern Ontario, Canada, Dr. Zepf is bi-lingual in French and English. She and her husband Larry have traveled to over 15 different countries. Her experiences living in and traveling to different places have given her the opportunity to learn different cultures, adapt to very difficult situations, meet wonderful people and enjoy the basic three L’s in Life: Live, Love, and Laugh!

Larry Zepf | Practitioner

Larry Zepf  works alongside Dr. Debrah Zepf in Parker, Colorado. Larry started his life in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, where he lived for 43 years. Since then he moved to Crawfordsville, Indiana, then Viernhiem, Germany and now he has settled in Parker, Colorado. Larry is quite the outdoors type. He enjoys fishing (both fly and spin as well as extreme fishing), hiking in the mountains, hunting, gardening, and overall enjoying nature’s majesty.

Larry also has a flare for business. He specializes in helping small businesses deal with complex problems and investment issues that are holding them back from their true potential. Larry’s extensive background in manufacturing and management allows him to provide valuable and clear perspective that business owners may not already have. Larry is an Electro-Myopulse technician, and peforms the treatments here at HHH. Larry is also our C.F.O. and director.